About Complete Dental Care

We care about your overall health.

We’re all about great smiles. Dr. Brent Ingram and his team at Complete Dental Care believe that a healthy smile helps create a healthy body and mind. A gorgeous grin gives confidence and, for some, can change lives. San Jose’s respected state-board licensed dentist, Dr. Brent Ingram, combines a welcoming – and many patients say gentle – atmosphere with the highest quality dental care. It’s about ensuring our patients feel comfortable and leave our office with excellent results. That makes everybody smile!

Additional patient resources about Complete Dental Care.

To provide a great environment for interacting with patients and each other.


  • Team building
  • Unity
  • Helping each other

Examples: Post-op calls, creating relationships with patients, comfort, making notes regarding patient’s personal lives.


  • Clear and precise with patients and each other.

Example: Morning huddle and being an active listener.


  • Good team vibe
  • Communication
  • Team building
  • Sharing


  • Respect
  • Not compromising ourselves
  • Authentic
  • Accountability


  • Promote dental health
  • Knowledge of procedures
  • We take care of ourselves


  • Communicating our personal/office goals
  • Dental patient education
  • New patients

Our dedication to gentle dentistry

Our dedication includes friendly, caring, highly-qualified and loyal dentistry staff – we get to know our patients and they get to know us.

Personalized dental treatments

Every patient gets their own treatment plan, we discuss every step in detail.

State-of-art dental technology

Digital imagery, intraoral cameras, low-dose full-mouth x-rays, leading edge laser gum surgery, Invisalign®.

Patient education about dental hygiene, at-home

Prevention is the easiest and cheapest way to achieve healthy teeth, gums and smile.

A welcoming clinic

Every room has a television and CD player to help patients relax.