SomnoDent® Sleep Apnea Appliance

Rest peacefully and sleep well

SomnoDent® is a custom made device worn during sleep to increase the upper airway volume and reduce collapsibility. SomnoDent® Flex & Classic devices each utilize a unique fin coupling component, maximizing patient comfort and compliance.

Health benefits

SomnoDent® treatment has also been shown to have a clinically significant impact in reducing patients’ blood pressure and has been predicted to reduce the risk of stroke. In addition, this blood pressure reduction was apparent in the early morning, which is the time of peak risk for acute myocardial infarction.

Clinically proven

14 independent studies and over 12 years’ worth of research demonstrate SomnoDent efficacy and significant clinical benefits. Exceptional levels of compliance 88%, treatment efficacy 91% and acceptance 96% of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) have been cited.

Health outcomes

In 2011, a randomizemulti-center trial with 108 patients concluded that treatment of moderate-severe OSA with either CPAP or SomnoDent® has similar effects on health outcomes.

SomnoDent® G2

SomnoDent® G2SomnoDent G2 provides an easy to use modular titration system, which allows instant and accurate measurement. You’ll experience the ultimate comfort as the device has a smaller coupling mechanism, is slim-line and more posteralaly located.


SomnoDent® FlexMade from our unique SMH BFlex material and acrylic that provides superior retention and comfort. SMH BFlex is a soft polymer that is heat-cured, packed and pressed utilizing an exclusive chemical formula that facilitates soft to hard polymer bonding at the layers interface. The result is a fit that is unmatched and unlike anything seen before in a resilient material, securely anchoring appliance with a snug fit – even on short teeth with little under cut. With an expected life of 3-5 years. SMH BFlex does not discolor or attract odors. Patients may prefer this model, particularly where crown and bridgework is present.

SomnoDent® Classic

SomnoDent® ClassicThe original SomnoDent®, made from the highest quality acrylic that will not discolor, the Classic has been specifically designed to offer solidity, comfort and quality. The Classic is retained using ball clasps and has a life expectancy of 3-5 years.

SomnoDent Herbst®

SomnoDent Herbst®The SomnoDent Herbst® is an intraoral medical device used for treating snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The advancement mechanism comes standard in telescopic design. This mechanism allows the mandible to be easily advanced in increments of less than one millimeter. The SomnoDent Herbst is also available in shim design upon request.

The SomnoDent Herbst® Flexoption offers added comfort and retention through its proprietary soft polymer SMH BFlex material, providing superior retention andunmatched comfort.

Optional Features

  • Anterior opening created by removing anterior acrylic around the incisors.
  • Upper edentuloussplint covers the palate in the same way as a full upper denture.
  • Flexi close (elastic hooks) hooks added to the device enabling the addition of elastics.
  • Lingual-Less lingual acrylic minimized.
  • Vertical adjustment acrylicadded to the anterior enabling contact at the anterior of the device only.