Young Man with Anxiety

We’ll Help Your Dental Anxiety

If you’re nervous about your dental care, knowing that you are not alone is helpful. Dental anxiety or phobia is one of the most common fears shared by millions. And it’s understandable since your mouth and teeth are very sensitive and personal areas. To have someone intruding can make you feel vulnerable and exposed. Furthermore, since you may have had negative experiences in the past, you may be combating years of trauma, even literal PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).

When you come to our office, we understand these concerns. We can’t change what you might have gone through in the past, but we will absolutely honor and respect your anxiety, boundaries, and any other special considerations that we may need to take.

Please just let our office know ahead of time if there are any extra things we can do to make you feel at ease. And we will always do our best to accommodate!

What You Can Do To Help

The worst part about having a dental phobia is that it prevents you from getting the care you need. Then, it compounds the issue because skipping preventative checkups and cleanings will result in more extensive treatments down the road. Of course, you probably understand this—it’s just that avoidance is the easier route that people with dental phobia often take.

Some common tips for dental phobia include:

  • Get an early morning appointment so you don’t have to think about it all day long.
  • Bring a trusted friend or family member to your appointment.
  • Get plenty of sleep so you are well-rested, this helps reduce anxiety.
  • Encourage yourself with positive self-talk. Tell yourself, “I got this! I can do it!”