Woman with a dental emergency

In Case of A Dental Emergency!

Emergency Dentist San Jose, CA Toothache Rinse mouth vigorously with cool water. Floss to remove food that might be trapped between teeth. DON’T use heat or place aspirin ON the aching tooth or gum. Call us as soon as possible. Broken Fillings Gently rinse your mouth with lukewarm water to remove debris. If tooth is […]

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Healthy baby teeth

Lend Baby Teeth a Hand

Here today…gone too soon. Don’t neglect baby teeth because the health of their replacements is right beneath the surface. Caring for your child’s baby teeth lays a foundation for a lifetime of oral health, so teach good dental hygiene habits while the child is very young. Before the first teeth begin to surface, rub baby’s […]

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Healthy teeth and gums

Your Mouth and Gum Disease

“A Family Affair” Think of the great things you’ve passed along to your kids: sense of humor, charm, style, wit—why, the list could go on and on of course! Unfortunately, some of the things that get passed from parent to child aren’t that great. One is a predisposition towards periodontitis, or gum disease. Of the […]

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Bright white teeth

A Brighter Smile With Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening San Jose, CA You’ve lived this long, you’ve earned it… No doubt about it. We’re living longer, we’re living better. All that effort put into diet and exercise is paying off. And while you’re going through your paces on the treadmill, do consider another part of you that might need a bit of improvement: your […]

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Man smiling

Welcome to Complete Dental Care

San Jose dentist, Dr. Brent Ingram and his professional team would like to welcome you to Complete Dental Care. We’re proud to offer our patients a full range of gentle dentistry, including: preventative, general and cosmetic dentistry for the entire family. ☎ 408-996-9393. Welcome to our dental family. Services Invisalign® Teeth Whitening Teeth Cleaning Dental […]

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